The Best Rottweiler Ever - Godzilla vom Wesburg

Standing at Stud

2011 RKNA Sieger, 2011 RCC National Canadian Sieger, 2011 U.S.R.C. NERS & 2008 NCRS Select Male, Multi V-1, 15 x Vrated, Godzilla vom Wesburg, SchH I, BH, AD, BST 2011 RKNA Sieger, 2011 RCC National Sieger, USRC 2011 NERS & USRC 2008 NCRS Select Male,13x V-rated, 6X V-1 rated, Godzilla Vom Wesburg, BH, AD, BST, SchH I (High in Tracking & Protection, High in Trial)O.F.A. Good, O.F.A. Elbows, O.F.A. Cardiac, C.E.R.F., CHIC, DNA #V580208, DOB 11.8.2005, AKC #WS15535303 (Lux. Ch, V-1,Benno van het Falconsnest, BH,AD, ZTP, VPG I x Dessa vom Maegdeberg, BH, BST, O.F.A. Good,O.F.A. Elbows Gr II, D.N.A.)

North American and Canadian Show Results ~ Godzilla vom Wesburg

April 2007 V-4 (12-18 males) United States Rottweiler Club Nationals- Southeastern PA Rottweiler Club ~ ADRK Jurgen Wulff
May 2007 V-4 (18-24 males) Sovereign Rottweiler Club Toronto ~ADRK~ Helmut Weiler -handler: Chris Scheda
September 15, 2007 V-2 (18-24 males) Rottweiler Club of Canada Regional Sieger Show Ottawa, Canada~ F.C.I. Fernando Lucas Martins - handler: Pam Scheda
April 20, 2008 V-3 (Open Males) Southeastern Pennsylvania Rottweiler Klub -U.S.R.C. Regional Sieger Show, Kimberton, PA ~ F.C.I. Judge Gerhard O'Shea
May 18, 2008 V-1- Open Males ~ U.S.R.C. National Sieger Show- Kentucky - Bluegrass Working Rottweiler Klub ~ F.C.I. Inge Eberstaller
September 12 ,2008 V-2 Open Males ~ Rottweiler Club of Canada National Sieger Show - Carleton Place, Canada ~ F.C.I. Gerhard O'Shea
October 19 ,2008 V-1 Open Males - North Central Regional Sieger Show- Central Ohio Rottweiler Club - ADRK Kormeister - Uwe Petermann
October 19 ,2008 2008 USRC North Central Regional SELECT MALE - MULTI V-1, GODZILLA VOM WESBURG
May 10, 2009 V-1 Open Males - 2009 U.S.R.C. National Sieger Show- Hudson Valley Rottweiler & SchH Klub ADRK Kormeister - Uwe Petermann
May 22, 2010 Zilly obtains his BH and AD at Hudson Valley Rottweiler & SchH Klub U.S.A. trial Judge- Karen McIntyre- handled by Darlene Devlin
Sept. 25, 2010 V-2 Open Males - 2010 Northeast Regional U.S.R.C. Show - Rottweiler Club of CT - Judge Andreas Mueller
Sept. 25, 2010 Zilly obtains his BST at the United States Rottweiler Club 2010 Northeast Regionals at Rottweiler Club of Connecticut- Judge Andreas Mueller - handled by Darlene Devlin
November 6, 2010 Zilly obtains his SchH I at Hudson Valley Rottweiler & SchH Klub - SV Judge Bruno Kastelic-Sakoparnig from Austria.
November 6, 2010 "HIGH IN TRACKING", "HIGH IN PROTECTION" & Favorite Handler/Dog Team picked by the Judge. 90.78.85 pronounced.
April 10, 2011 V-1 Working class -2011 U.S.R.C. Select Show at Southeastern PA Rottweiler Club- Judge: FCI Alfredo Estrada, handled by Darlene Devlin, Pam Scheda & Jenn Glatz
May 15, 2011 2011 ARC (American Rottweiler Club) National Sieger Show-V-4 Working Class- Judge UK Kennel Club Kate Pinches (England)
September 11, 2011 2011 Rottweiler Club of Canada - V-1 Working Class - under ADRK Judge Hartmut Teschke -handled by Jenn Glatz, Pam Scheda, Mike MacKinnon
September 11, 2011 2011 Canadian National SIEGER and Most Beautiful Rottweiler in Show - Rottweiler Club of Canada
October 9, 2011 2011 Rottweiler Klub of North America - V1 Working Class- under ADRK Judge Paul Dieter Viehoff - handled by Jenn Glatz, Pam Scheda, Geri Lordi
October 9, 2011 2011 RKNA SIEGER and Most Beautiful Rottweiler in Show - Charter Oak Rottweiler Klub
November 6, 2011 2011 U.S.R.C. S.E. Regional Sieger Show - Old Dominion Rottweiler Klub - Virginia- V-1 Working Class - under ADRK Judge Anton Spindler
November 6, 2011 2011 U.S.R.C. Southeast Regional Sieger (O.D.R.K.) - ADRK Judge Anton Spindler
April , 2012 2012 RKNA Southeast - V-2 Working Class - ADRK Judge Helmut Weiler
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