vom  Wesburg Litters
Belgian Import F.C.I. Luxembourg Champion, Krufts Qualifer, Multi V1 Benno van het Falconsnest, BH, AD, Ztp, VPG I

Our Stud Dogs are DNA & Cardiac tested

Check out Galleries of proven offspring World wide....Benno's working titles are from Germany!

Our litters are "tailed"  per the FCI Standard
read more -  WE DO NOT DOCK TAILS!

  Benno vh Falconsnest  Benno Offspring Benno Grandkids Dessa vom Maegdeberg  Edgar vom Wesburg 
Elliott vom Wesburg  Fila vom Wesburg  Giada vom Wesburg

   Godzilla vom Wesburg    Ignatius vom Wesburg   Ivanka vom Wesburg   Izzy vom Wesburg

Kirsche vom Wesburg   Lexa vom Wesburg   Lola vom Wesburg 




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 Our pups are all raised in house in temp controlled climate. Our dogs do not live in outdoor kennels. All are members of the family and raised on an organic beef and raw/fresh diet.

Above: Benno grandchildren- Iron vom Wesburg (orange )and Izzy vom Wesburg - and Giada (right) at 8 weeks

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Moon Ridge Farm, LLC  located in beautiful Wyoming County, Arcade, New York 
Email: vomWesburg@gmail.com 




2017 vom Wesburg Rottweiler's and Sedona Rocks French Bulldogs